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Educational Publishing Services believes that children deserve the very best resources to inspire their learning. To that end we help museums, art galleries, publishers and educational establishments create beautiful, relevant educational resources that teachers love and children can't wait to use.

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Writers and editors

Our editorial staff have an unrivaled educational publishing pedigree. Having worked on some of the top projects for the most prestigious educational publishers our team believe that every project should fulfill its potential. Their unique combination of editorial excellence, market knowledge and creative thinking means that on every level your projects will be looked after.

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Design and illustration

Our designers have extensive experience of the educational publishing market and a deep understanding of what motivates children to learn. The creation of instructional pages, appropriate age-related texts, websites and multimedia games is second nature and enables designs to be right on the mark from the beginning of a project.

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EPS passionately believes that the best publishing comes from careful research of all of your potential audiences. Whether you want to retarget existing products or develop new ones, our team can help you to maximise results. We use the latest research techniques from radar analysis through to surveys and focus groups whilst all the time focusing on your return on investment.

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We use some of the most talented and original illustrators for our projects and spend time matching the right creative talent to each project. You can see some of their work above.

Whether you want technical drawings, quirky illustrations, conventional artwork or layered digital files for multimedia projects, we will find you illustrators that can work quickly, match styles and hit deadlines.

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by blog

There's so much going on in education. Here are some of our favourite blogs starting with Ewan McIntosh's award-winning blog - edu.blogs.com. Mr Chalk - frankchalk is controversial but massively popular and insightful. You can't fail to love Mike Baker's blog - BBC journalist, media trainer and broadcaster.

Check out the Education Blog Awards - organised by some of the Teach Meet team. You'll find some excellent school and class blogs via their website.

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Learning link of the week

Have you discovered PaperZip yet? Paperzip's resources are perfectly practical and importantly, beautiful to look at. May be like us PaperZip believe that children learn better with resources that are pleasing on the eye.

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